Best Foods to eat in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan Food Culture

In Uzbekistan, where oasis residents have lived for thousands of years, there are various dishes that make you feel the cultural crossroads and silk road. As it is a landlocked country, basically meat dishes will be the main, with sheep and beef in particular. Chicken is a rather high-quality item, and pork is rarely seen for religious reasons. Whatever food you order, you will usually find Nan (bread) and chai (such as tea). As a feature of Uzbek cuisine, there are a lot of oily things, so it is recommended to have it with tea. Tea breaks down fat and contains tannins that help digest it, so it’s an essential part of the Uzbek cuisine to have a tea in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

■ Nan (Bread)

Of course, Uzbek people also eat a lot of rice, but they also often eat naan. Nan will always be served when eating. Nan is a round solid bread, and the style of Nan differs depending on the region, and the thickness is completely different. Nan goes harder and thinner as it goes west. Above all, Nan of Samarkand is delicious and famous. It is good to see and compare in various places and to eat and compare. Please find your favorite Nan by all means.

Samsa (Samosa)

A pie baked in the oven or in a skewer. It is a national food that is sold in large quantities everywhere in the bazaar and throughout the city, and it is easy to eat. Inside are chopped onions and juicy minced meat in hot state. It is very interesting to paste the samosa into the coffin, so if you have a chance, why not take a peek?