How far in advance should I make my order?

We recommend you to place your order as soon as possible. The order deadline is 24 hours prior to your rental date. If you miss the deadline to make an order, please email us at support@tezwifi.com.

I need it immediately

If you need the device/prepaid sim card very soon, please contact us: support@tezwifi.com. We will do our best to get you one as quickly as possible.

How do I execute my payment and is it secure?

Once you choose your internet/sim card plan, you will be redirected to Secure Payment Page. You have two options to execute your payment: by credit card or PayPal.   For credit card payment we accept major credit/debit cards (Master, Visa, American Express). If you have a credit card other than above mentioned, but does not have a PayPal account. Do not worry, please choose the paypal payment option and execute your payment with PayPal Guest option.  If you face any issues, please contact us at support@tezwifi.com.

We never store your credit card details and all payment processes are handled by Stripe and Paypal payment gateways.

Is it possible to pick it up without booking in advance?

No, you should book it online in advance. If you need immediately, please contact us at support@tezwifi.com.

How much is the delivery fee?

Delivery to hotels/hostels and residential addresses in Tashkent, Andijan and Namangan area are free of charge.

I have rented a router from Tez Wifi and would like to extend the rental period. How do I do it?

Yes, you can extend your order. For usage extension please contact us at support@tezwifi.com before your renting period ends. You might be marked as an unreturned customer if you do not let us know your usage extension. Not returning the device may cost you up to $400.

*This applies only for pocket wifi rental. You are not required to return prepaid sim cards. if you want to extend your Uzbekistan prepaid sim card usage period, please contact us as soon as possible, since it will be deactivated at the end of your rental period.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

No, there is no deposit required for both Pocket WiFi and Prepaid Sim Card.

Do you have long term rental special prices?

Yes, we can offer you special prices. If you want to rent for a long term, please email us at support@tezwiifi.com. *Long term: more than 14 days

Which credit/debit cards do you accept?

We accept all major credit/debit cards. Below is the list of payment options.

(1) Credit Card: American Express, Master Card and Visa

(2) Paypal: Depending on your country, most of the credit cards and banks

If you have a credit card (not AMEX, Master Card or Visa), but does not have a PayPal account, you can still execute your payment. Please, choose the PayPal option and execute your payment as a guest.


What devices can connect to Tez Wifi routers?

Tez Wifi routers works with any WiFi-enabled device, such as laptops (Windows & Mac), smartphones (e.g. iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle) and anything else that can connect to WiFi (game consoles).

How do I use Tez Wifi Routers?

It works the same as other WiFi router. We use Huawei and ZTE devices. Locate unique network name (SSID) & Password and you should be able to connect unlimited 4G internet. After you complete your order, we will send you pdf manual along with order confirmation.

How long does the battery last?

A fully charged Huawei E5577 WiFi router battery will lasts 6~8 hours while connected to one device. If you are planning to use multiple devices in the router, it is recommended to have your own or rent a power bank (portable charger) from Tez Wifi. Power Bank is $1/day.

Do you have 4G pocket wifi devices?

Yes, we only provide 4G enabled devices. However, the internet connection might get slow in rural areas.

*In tourist destinations internet connection is very good.


How do I get my WiFi Router?

You can pick up the devices/prepaid sim cards at Tashkent Airport, Andijan Airport, Namangan Airport and any hotels/hostels in the above cities. When you book your wifi/prepaid sim card, please choose your pick up location. We can also deliver to residential addresses in the above-mentioned cities.

How & Where do I return the devices?

You can return the device at Tashkent Airport, Andijan Airport, Namangan Airport, and hotels/hostels. Detailed instruction will be sent to your registered email along with the order confirmation.

I forgot to pick up router at airport.

Please, contact us immediately and the replacement will be sent to the hotel or residence you stay. Extra delivery fee ($10) will be required.

How to receive at the airport ?

Option (1) If you choose hotel delivery, we will deliver the router to the hotel you are staying one day prior to your arrival. Hotel deliver is free of charge.

Option (2) If you choose the airport pick-up, then Tez Wifi agent will welcome you at the main exit of airports. The agent will be holding a greeting board with your name on it. If you miss to pick up the router at the airport, no need to worry. You still can get your router at your hotel/hostel/residence. However, you will be asked $10 for extra delivery (You can pay by cash).

What time will I receive the router?

Option (1) If you choose the airport pick-up, then you will receive at the time of your arrival. One of our agents will welcome you with a greeting board with your name on it in the main exit of the airport.

Option (2) If you choose hotel pick-up, you can claim your router from hotel reception at the time of check-in.

I would like to rent a router but I don’t know yet where I will be staying in Uzbekistan. Can I rent one anyway?

Yes, you can still rent one and choose hotel delivery. Input `not decided` in the hotel name box, then email us support@tezwifi.com when you decide.


I lost/damaged the router, what should I do?

Please, contact us at support@tezwifi.com. You will be charged the lost/damage fee and we will send you the replacement. If you have insurance, up to 80% of the damage will be covered by your insurance.


Do I need to return prepaid sim cards?

No, you do not need to return sim cards. Sim cards will be activated during your rental period and will be deactivated at the end of rental period.

I want to extend usage period.

No, problem. Just contact us via Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Whatsapp, Line, Contact form or simply email us at support@tezwifi.com.

I want a custom order for long/short term usage.

Sure, we are here to make your Uzbekistan trip lovely. Let us know your requirement such as hom much internet data and local voice call you need and we will send you a discounted quote. Just a quick reminder, sim cards can be used only in Uzbekistan territory.

Can I use TezWiFi prepaid sim cards in neighbouring countries other than Uzbekistan?

No, you cannot. You can only use the prepaid sim cards only Uzbekistan territory.


Can I order a power bank?

Yes, you can rent one for $1/day.


Does it come with instructions?

Yes, after you complete your order you will receive a device manual along with order confirmation.

Does it come with charger?

Yes, you will receive your router with charger.